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Our customers love their grinders!

SLX grinder reviews from un-biased sources. Want to read SLX herb grinder reviews? Check this page out.

Our customers love their SLX grinders.

And so will you.

Still on the fence about making the switch to a grinder that never sticks? Check out some of our positive feedback below. If you already have an SLX, and want to add your review to the list, shoot us a comment using the email icon at the top of the page!

What Does Vince Erb of ERB Magazine have to say?
"The SLX grinder does exactly as advertised. No sticking. It is beautiful and functional and hands-down the best grinder I have ever used. Great product gentlemen."

"SLX is hands down the best grinder I've ever used. I've used every name-brand grinder out there. They all have a common problem: they work well for a while, but soon became inoperable due to wear, tackiness or dulling. SLX solved ALL these problems. I've been using SLX for about a year now and can attest that it still works the same as the first day I tried it: perfectly. Indulge yourself, it will likely be the last grinder you'll ever use." - Jack T, VT


"I doubted these guys at first. A grinder that doesn't stick? But I put a 303 through its paces. It does exactly what they say it does: doesn't stick, and doesn't need cleaning. Buy one. You won't regret it." - Rob L, NYC


"I was one of the lucky testers when SLX first debuted. When they needed the sample back, I bought one outright. After using this thing, I don't think I can ever switch back to a traditional grinder." - Chris M, NJ


“I’ve had the 2 stage (the 206) for about three months now, and it’s just as slick as the day I got it! Can’t say enough good things about these guys and their product.” - Zach C, NY


“These grinders are just gorgeous. The two-tone look, the bright colors… I’m in love! It doesn’t stick, and I really, really love that they use a ceramic coating instead of something toxic like Teflon. Overall really happy with mine.” - Isabelle J, NY


“I used a Space Case for years, and I loved it. But now it just sits on the shelf collecting dust instead of pollen. I wasn’t sure about the claim that this wouldn’t stick, but man, they really nailed it! Buy one. Not only will you have the coolest looking grinder in existence, you’ll never have to pry it open with a crowbar like my old SpaceCase.” - Kelsey D, NY